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XCT8500 Universal Industrial X-ray Inspection System

XCT8500 Universal Industrial X-ray Inspection System - 翻译中...

The XCT8500 universal industrial X-ray inspection system consists of a X-ray source,  detector,  scanning system, image reconstruction and analysis system. It can achieve inspection methods such as 2D/3D/CT, and is suitable for quality inspection, 3D measurement, and non-destructive analysis. Characterizing the micro-scale features of the internal structure of the sample, combined with qualitative and quantitative analysis software to achieve multi-angle measurement and analysis of the sample, as well as automatic determination of OK/NG conditions, and to provide effective data for product quality inspection.

It can be used for electronic component soldering quality inspection, BGA component, integrated circuit (IC) and its binding line inspection,  semiconductor packaging inspection and internal connection, electronic power (IGBT) module  inspection, and Wafer defect inspection (WLCSP).Including missing parts,  deviation, tin connection,contamination, faulty soldering, component foot warping, voids, pillow effect, and other soldering abnormalities.

Advantages of XCT8500 Universal Industrial X-ray Inspection System - 翻译中...

  • With planar CT function (PCT), it can be applied to 3D/CT inspection of printed circuit boards, SMT, IGBT, wafers, etc. 

  • With cone beam CT function, it can be applied to the inspection of sensors, relays, micro motors, materials, and aluminum castings. 

  • Convenient 360° fixed-point observation mode.

  • 2D void inspection software module (optional) 

  • 3D measurement and analysis software module (optional)

Application Cases

XCT8500 adopts open micro-focus transmission X-ray source, the inspection ability can reach 0.5μm. It can realize 2D/3D/CT and other inspection methods, and is suitable for quality inspection,three-dimensional measurement and non- destructive analysis.


Specification of XCT8500 Universal Industrial X-ray Inspection System

(1)X-RAY Tube Parameters

Tube Type

Open micro-focus transmission X-ray source

Tube Voltage Range

20 ~160KV

Tube Current Range

0.01mA ~ 1.0mA

Maximum Tube Power


Maximum Target Power


Minimum Object Distance (FOD)

< 300 μm

Micro Focus Size

< 1 μm

Minimum Defect inspection Capability

<500 nm

(2)Flat Panel Detector Parameters

Flat Panel Type

Amorphous silicon flat panel detector (optional)

Pixel Matrix


Field of View




Image Frame Rate(1×1)


AD Conversion Digits


(3)3D/CT Parameters(Optional Function)

CT Scan Cycle


CT Reconstruction Time


(4)Equipment Performance Parameters

Maximum Sample Size


Maximum inspection Area


Image Geometric Magnification


Input Power Supply

220V 10A 50 - 60HZ

Control System

DELL OptiPlex 7000MT v12.0 i9 graphics workstation



Net Weight

About 2950KG

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