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How to Select an Appropriate BGA Rework Station - 翻译中...

1. Determine the chip size BGA rework station

For a suitable BGA rework station, we need to pay more attention to the size of the chip, which determines the size of the nozzle. At the meantime, we should choose the appropriate BGA machine. In addition, we also need to know the PCB size of the rerepaired product, because the area of the repair platform we need to choose is larger than the PCB size. If the size of the operating platform too small, then the PCB board will not be preheated in advance, resulting in  bubbling, yellowing and other problems.

2. Quality of equipment

Quality is also a concern. Whether the workmanship of the equipment or the temperature accuracy meets the industry standard, and the standard control is accurate or not, we need to compare them carefully, so we can figure out what we want.

3. Stable accuracy and temperature

The stability of temperature and precision of BGA rework station is also worthy to attention. In addition to the automatic identification of suction nozzle and mount height, it also with automatic welding and disassembly welding . At the same time, the integrated design of heating device and mounting head is one of the highlights of the equipment.

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