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X-ray Inspection Equipment Ensures Welding Quality - 翻译中...

1. X-ray inspection machine equipment can ensure welding quality

Welding quality test refers to quality inspection according to the use requirements of welding products to prevent substandard production and avoid quality accidents. For welded joints of some structural materials, the inspection procedure of non-destructive inspection of welding by x-ray inspection system is a key link to ensure welding quality, such as high-strength steel thick-walled joints with 460MPa under certain working conditions, usually with hydrogen caused by delayed cracking. Therefore, the specified weld must be non-destructively tested within 48 hours after welding. Welding inspection procedures are closely related to the welding process, and non-destructive testing methods and inspection procedures must be specified in the welding procedure specification.

For welded structures that require strength, such as boilers, pressure vessels, and pipes, welded test panels are often specified for welded products to test mechanical properties, chemical composition, metal structure, and other properties. In fact, this is also a further verification of the welding process procedure of the x-ray inspection machine. Compared with the welding process identification test board, the welding conditions of the finished welding test board are closer to the actual welding production conditions. If the results are all satisfactory, the welding process is suitable for continued use and can be reused. In mass production of soldered structures, soldered test boards for non-conforming products often occur. At this point, we should analyze it carefully and find out the reason through the corresponding test. Besides the misuse or misuse of structural and welding materials, the main problem is the welding process. If the test results prove that the welding process is truly incomplete, the welding process should be modified.

2. The main advantages of x-ray inspection machine non-destructive testing

The detection of volumetric defects is more sensitive and the determination of defects is more intelligent; radiographs are easy to retain and have traceability; the shape and type of defects are visually displayed. Real-time x-ray inspection machine imaging inspection equipment is a non-destructive testing equipment for standardized industries. The technology and equipment are widely used in auto parts manufacturing (aluminum castings, iron castings, etc.), oil supply pipe welding inspection, hardware, pressure vessels, buildings, petroleum, chemical, machining, electronics and other industries. It features high resolution and excellent inspection image quality, features automatic defect recognition, and supports non-standard customization.

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