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X-ray Detection Equipment: Should You Choose Open Tubes or Closed Tubes? - 翻译中...

The composition of X-ray non-destructive testing equipment includes seven modules: X-ray tube, detector, computer imaging processing system, mechanical system, electrical control system, safety and protection system, and warning system. Among them, the X-ray tube is the core component. Depending on the sealing method, X-ray tubes can be divided into open tubes (open X-ray tubes) and closed tubes (closed X-ray tubes).

The physical structure and principle of open and closed electronics X-ray machines are different

The most essential difference between open and closed electronics X-ray machines lies in their physical differences, which also determines the difference in their performance. The closed tube belongs to a sealed X-ray tube, and the actual focus size is the size of the X-ray hitting the target material.

Open tubes require vacuuming of the continuously opened X-ray tube, which can ensure the vacuum degree of the X-ray tube, the measurement stability of the X-ray, and ensure a smaller focus size under high output.

Therefore, we can draw two conclusions:

  • Open tube electronics X-ray machine is more likely to achieve smaller focus and higher resolution than closed tube.

  • Open tubes can withstand higher energy, and the radiation angle of open tubes is close to 180 degrees, which is important for CT integration. If the radiation angle is large, the load platform can be tilted and moved.

The lifespan of open and closed electronics X-ray machines is different

The lifespan of the X-ray tube determines the lifespan of the equipment. Open tubes need regular maintenance, usually requiring maintenance after 500-800 hours of use, which can ensure the lifespan of the X-ray tube and extend its use time.

Closed tubes usually do not require maintenance within 3000-5000 hours of use, but if the cathode filament in the closed tube is damaged, the entire X-ray tube must be replaced.

Advantages of open and closed electronics X-ray machines

Open tube:

  • The vacuum molecular pump can vacuum at any time, and the sealing can be replaced and maintained at any time to maintain the sealing;

  • It can be opened and consumables can be replaced at any time;

  • Infinite lifespan;

  • If any component is problematic, it can be replaced at a low cost.

Closed tube:

  • As time goes on, the sealing gradually decreases, and the vacuum time gradually increases and the preheating time gradually increases;

  • As the sealing decreases, the X-ray measurement is unstable, the filament is prone to damage, and the performance of the X-ray tube is reduced;

  • If any component of the X-ray tube is problematic, the entire X-ray tube must be replaced, which is expensive.

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