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What is X-Ray Inspection Technology? - 翻译中...

As one of the five common non-destructive testing methods, X-RAY inspection system technology has been widely used in industry. According to the definition of modern industrial commodity categories, radiation testing is mainly divided into three categories: photographic testing, real-time imaging testing, and tomography imaging.

In essence, X-rays and natural light are no different. They both belong to electromagnetic waves, but the energy of X-ray quanta is much higher than visible light, and it can penetrate objects that visible light cannot penetrate, and can undergo complex physical and chemical reactions with matter.

Principle of X-RAY inspection system

X-rays can penetrate substances that ordinary visible light cannot penetrate. The penetration ability is related to the wavelength of the X-rays and the density and thickness of the penetrated material. In summary, the shorter the wavelength of X-rays, the higher the penetration rate; the lower the density and the thinner the thickness, the easier the X-rays penetrate.

When a substance absorbs X-rays or other rays (such as gamma rays), the molecules that make up the substance are decomposed into positive ions and negative ions, and this is called ionization. The number of ions is proportional to the amount of X-rays absorbed by the substance. The amount of X-rays can be calculated by measuring the ionization of air or other substances. The basic principle of X-ray imaging is based on the characteristics of X-rays and the differences in the density and thickness of parts.

Application types of X-RAY inspection system technology

  • Medical inspection: X-RAY inspection system equipment can be used for human body perspective inspection X-ray photography, CT, tumor radiotherapy, etc.

  • Quality inspection: X-RAY inspection system equipment can be used to detect defects in the casting and welding process (applicable to industrial, electronic and other industries).

  • Thickness measurement: X-RAY inspection system equipment can be used for online, real-time, non-contact thickness measurement.

  • Element detection: X-RAY inspection system equipment can be used for material element composition detection and analysis (such as ROHS detection, etc.).

  • Safety inspection: X-RAY inspection system equipment can be used for security checks in the public security field.

  • Dynamic research: X-RAY inspection system equipment can be used to study dynamic processes, such as ballistics, explosions, casting technology, etc.

Advantages of X-RAY inspection system technology

It can perform non-destructive testing, which is convenient and practical without damaging the test object. At the same time, it can achieve unique detection effects that other detection methods cannot achieve. In terms of real-time imaging of X-RAY inspection system equipment, the detection data is transmitted to the computer display through the detector. After software processing, the detection results are displayed in real-time imaging, which is intuitive, clear, easy to operate, easy to save, and traceable. (You may want to get x-ray inspection machine price)

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