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X-ray Inspection Machine Can Pinpoint Defects in Cable Connectors - 翻译中...

In the gradually accelerating process of urbanization is, the needs of transmission and electrochemical projects are increasing. Power cables have been widely used and cable component defects are also becoming commobly seen. The main causes of cable fitting failure usually include: damaged cable connectors and cable ends. If these failures are not addressed in a timely manner, it will have serious repercussions. For cable connections, its operational stability is only 5 to 10 years subject to operational limitations, environmental factors and human factors. Aging and deteriorated cable joints are easily reduce the quality of cable working. Therefore, Search for a reliable solutions for cable management is of great significance to the power company.

X-ray Inspection Equipment Can Help You Accurately Find Defects In Cable Connectors

By applying x-ray inspection equipment technology, the defects, locations and dimensions of cable connectors can be accurately located. That's the reason why we say X ray inspection machine can uplift the accuracy of fault detection, inspection quality and inspection efficiency. X ray inspection machine provides effective support for cable operation and development, and fully compliant electricity company's core requirements for cable fault detection. Today, X ray inspection machine can be used to inspecte very rich items such as electronic components, BGA repair, electronic device parts, LED parts, metal composites and plastic materials, BGA casting, and air welding, etc. Because of X ray pcb inspection machine's precision and uniqueness, it can also analyze packaging components and microelectronic systems.

Advantages of X-ray Inspection Machine Detection Technology

  • Strong penetrating power: Since the wavelength of x-rays is relatively short and the energy is high, part of the x-ray is absorbed by the material, and most of it penetrate between atoms. Therefore, x-rays have strong penetrating power.

  • X-ray ionization: When the material is irradiated with X-rays, the aim  of fault detection is achieved by the method of measuring the charge by the internal electron offset from the original electron.

  • Fluorescence of x-rays: Due to the short wavelength of x-ray, it is difficult to see with eyes, but it can have some fluorescent reactions during the irradiation of a certain compound. For example, during the illumination, visible light and ultraviolet light occurs during illumination, the intensity of the light is related to x-rays. Therefore, in this stage of cable structure fault detection, the personnel can choose the detection method based on advantages of x-ray, thereby improving the feasibility of fault detection and supporting the stable operation of the power company.

In conclusion, at the current stage of the cable connector failure factor analysis, we can find the problem in time with an x-ray inspection machine. In addition, the type of cable defect can be diagnosed in time by detecting the different positions and orientations of the cable. On this basis, an inspection plan for the internal structure of the cable can be implemented to quickly assess the problem of cable defects.

The development trend of the manufacturing industry is closely related to product quality. The company's product quality control determines the company's future development. SEAMARK specializes in the production of x-ray inspection equipment, which meets the needs of the times and is a wise choice!

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